5 Health and Fitness Benefits of Boxing Workouts

It’s not always easy finding the right gym to join but if you’re tired of starting back up at a large gym chain and settling for the treadmill, you might want to check out some benefits that a boxing club or studio could offer you. 

Boxing and boxing inspired workouts have always had a cult-like following, but now you don’t have to break your nose to get the amazing benefits this sport has to offer. 

Boxing Studios like Focusmaster Fitness in Troy, NY deliver all the benefits of an old school boxing workout, but with some added modern enhancements like heart rate tracking, unique striking equipment, dim lighting and motivating coaches. Here’s 5 reasons why you should throw on the gloves.  

  1. Total Body Workouts: Most boxing workouts will be a combination of striking on various heavy bags or Focusmaster G-1000 machines and a variety of body weight exercises like squats, push ups and sit ups.  The combination of striking and body weight exercises allow a universal scalability that can accommodate people of all ages and fitness levels.  The great thing about having a total body workout each day means you don’t have to plan on which class and which day to take; all you have to do is show up and the rest is taken care of.  

  2. Improved Cardio: Boxing is the best cardio workout for those that hate cardio workouts! A boxing class does a great job at fooling the mind into thinking its not cardio based. Yes, you’re exhausted and winded, but there is something that just makes you want to keep punching, keep pressing on, that a treadmill just can’t do. 

  3. Improved Coordination & Balance: When taking boxing classes you’re going to naturally improve your coordination and balance as you tap into your inner athlete. You’ll be learning the proper boxing stance, how to throw jabs and crosses all the while staying in balance and generating power. So whether these benefits are on your list or not, it will be a byproduct of your boxing training. 

  4. Stress Reliever: I think we are all looking for new ways to shed a little stress these days and we know exercise is at the top of that list, but a boxing workout is a cut above. Having the ability to get a little primal and take your frustrations out on a Focusmaster pad or heavy bag will shed the stress and leave you considering canceling your therapy sessions.  

  5. Self Confidence: Who doesn’t feel a little bad ass after a boxing workout? There is something cathartic about banging away on some Focusmaster pads for 30 minutes that just leaves you feeling a little better about yourself. Whether its that you are learning how to defended yourself or the physical changes you’ll begin to see over time, you will have a self confidence that you never had before.

So if looking for something new or just need a little push to check out a Focusmaster Boxing class, you’ll not only be doing your body a favor, but your mind as well. Some words of advise would be to start slow, focus on the fundamentals, be coachable and have some fun! Everything else just falls into place. Now go #fightforit

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