Focusmaster Fitness Celebrates 5 years on Hoosick Road in Troy

This week marks the 5th anniversary at our Troy studio.  We wanted to say thank you to all of our great members and coaches that have put so much of their time and effort into shaping Focusmaster into what it is today. 

Our mission statement has been written on our wall since day one; “deliver the ultimate workout experience and have a positive impact on peoples health and lives. We are dedicated to educating, motivating and inspiring every person we meet to reach his or her own full potential.”

Over the past five years we have been fortunate enough to have hundreds of people of all ages and fitness levels in our community become a part of Focusmaster. Whether their time training with us was long or short we hope that our studio, training philosophy, and our positive environment has helped them reach goals that they never saw possible.  

Some of our members that walked through our doors 5 years ago for the first class at Hoosick Road are still walking through our doors for classes today. We have personally witnessed countless life changing transformations, both mentally and physically. It's amazing to think of the positive impact our members have had on their friends and families during their fitness journey with us at Focusmaster.

Some people walk into our studio for the first time feeling intimated, defeated, and upset for not taking the time for themselves. Over time spent with Focusmaster they begin to regain control of their life which builds confidence that leads to making healthier choices. These positive changes begin to build momentum and Transformations happen. That person who walked in our doors feeling defeated is now the one who is the motivation for some of our new members just beginning their fitness journey... and the cycle continues. 

Over these past 5 years one could say that Focusmaster hasn't changed a bit and in many ways that would be true, yet, we have evolved so much over that time as well. Keeping our mission and core values top of mind has helped us stay on the right course. We have evolved and continue to improve elements of our experience to provide the absolute best to our members and that will never change. We want to thank you for being a part of our family, embracing our workouts, our training mentality, and finding the will within yourself to throw the gloves on and FIGHT FOR IT with us everyday!

Focusmaster Fitness